welcome to digital missionaries

We are a passionate group of gamers, viewers and tech enthusiasts who are dedicated to bringing chaplaincy-style support to the gaming community worldwide.

Our mission is to create an inclusive, safe space for people of all ages and backgrounds to connect, learn, and engage with one another. Our blog provides the necessary tools and resources to support players, both new and experienced, with their gaming experiences.

At Digital Missionaries, we recognize the power that video games have to bring people together, teach us resilience in the face of adversity, foster creative problem-solving skills, and develop empathy. We value honest, meaningful discussions and dialogue, as well as the opportunity to serve and assist our community without judgement or fear. Our blog offers resources from our team of digital missionaries, including tips and tricks for making the most of gaming experiences, real world connections to virtual relationships, and helpful guidance for navigating the often-challenging waters of online gaming.

Ultimately, we strive to serve as a support system for gamers around the globe, providing a space for honest and open discussions and a sense of community, while also fostering healing, unity, and understanding. We invite you to explore our blog and join us on our mission to make the gaming community a safer, more inclusive place for people to play and interact with one another.

Our mission

We, the digital missionaries, are dedicated to evangelizing the online gaming community by providing knowledge and support to the ever-growing population of gamers. We believe that by utilizing technology and the power of community, we can create an inclusive and safe environment where people of any age and background can come together in pursuit of a shared passion. Our mission is to create meaningful and shared experiences that encourage spiritual growth, while also providing useful resources and services to help our users successfully navigate the gaming world. We strive to help create a welcoming community filled with respect and understanding.

Our vision

Our vision is to equip digital missionaries to engage the online gaming community in meaningful conversations, and to bring the Gospel and God's love to gamers everywhere. Our mission is to create a supportive network of evangelizers, equip them with the skills and resources to effectively share their faith, and help facilitate life-changing conversations between gamers and Jesus.

Our team

We are building a team to build community amongst gamers. We want this to be a place of good vibes, real support,

woman wearing black scoop-neck long-sleeved shirt
woman wearing black scoop-neck long-sleeved shirt
Esther Bryce

This is her alias

woman in black blazer with brown hair
woman in black blazer with brown hair
Lianne Wilson

Not sure if this is her real name

man standing near white wall
man standing near white wall
Some Guy

Nice Hat


Twitch: Aussie_Padre